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e-dicola is a virtual kiosk for specialized magazines that enables editors to enter the mobile publication world in a simple way, allowing the enhancement of the contents with multimedia and the distibution on various devices.

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Enhance your content!

  • Document
    Attach descriptions to your content or extend them
  • Image gallery
    Do you have images that weren't used in the printed version? It would be a pitty not to show them to your readers. Add them here!
  • Web link
    Connect the reader directly to the referred site.
  • Mail
    Take the short cut. With the email link the contact is just a click away opening a precompiled email.
  • Connect
    Enable your users to connect to an article published in another magazine in your portfolio.
  • Audio
    Read a magazine? Nothing new! But to listen to an interview it's an unusual experience.
  • Video
    A video is worth 1000 images: use this functionality to enhance your contents with video tutorials, video interviews, etc..
  • Discussion
    Share thoughts with other readers. A new function never seen till now in the digital editing world. Take the chance!

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